Getting Involved ... Staying Involved!

The Pranic Healing community is a global community, spaning over 120 countires around the world!  Local communities have the opportunity to participate in Global Conventions and Retreats, as well as sharing the teachings  at Meditations on Twin Hearts evenings, Healing Clinics and courses.

Our vision is to develop a Pranic Healing community to assist practitioners to learn and hone their skills, both individually and as a group.  One of the benefits of being part of a community is that we can give and receive support energetically and practically.  Group energy is exponentially greater than the individual; giving is important if we are to receive; and in ending suffering.   Master Choa Kok Sui’s vision is to have a Pranic Healer in every family.

Tangible ways to realise the benefits of getting involved and staying involved with Pranic Healing are as follows:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Immerse yourself in weekly Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • Pranic Healing Consultation
  • Pranic Healing Courses
  • Practice Pranic Healing on your family and friends
  • Volunteer to help and practice healings at Pranic Healing events
  • Give generously and within your means.  Pranic Healing gratefully accepts donations to further it’s mission.

Event Schedule

Mondays to Friday
Pranic Healing Consultations (by appointment)
Venue: In-Person or via Zoom
Bookings: Online Calendar

Mondays: 6:30pm to 7:15pm
Meditation on Twin Hearts
Stay on to experience a Pranic Healing
Venue: Cairns Spiritual Centre
Cost: by Donation

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August 2022: 
Pranic Healing Course

Sunday 4 September 2022: 
Pranic Healing Practice Day

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 August 2022: 
Advanced Pranic Healing Course

Monday 22 August 2022: 
Pranic Psychotherapy Course

Sunday 18 September 2022: 
Health, Happiness and Harmony Expo – Atherton

Friday 30 September 2022: 
Pranic Crystal Healing Course

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2022: 
Arhatic Yoga Course  Course

Saturday 1 and Thursday 4 August 2022: 
Pranic Healing Corseu

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