Testimonials to Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing has help millions of people from around the globe.  Locally Pranic Healing clients have experienced positive outcomes in dealing with ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease, Chron’s Disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, broken bones back and joint pain.

These are the experiences of just a few of those people.

Lower Back Pain

Darren, May 2019

Anxiety & Pain Relief

I had pranic healing with Bruce for my anxiety and depressive symptoms, and later for my post-appendectomy surgery pain. The first session was in person and focused around my anxiety. It left me feeling much calmer and relaxed. After this I wasn’t able to come in person due to the removal of my appendix, so Bruce had me stay at home while he led the sessions at a different location. These sessions focused on my surgery pain, anxiety and depressive symptoms and left me feeling better across the board every time. Bruce is a great to work with and has a very soothing personality so if you’re looking for healing, I recommend giving pranic healing a go.

Grace Kruger-Illingworth, January 2019

Lasting Calmness

Severe Anxiety

I have been lucky enough to be involved with Bruce and Pranic Healing Cairns in a number of ways over the last year and half.  I initially attended the Meditation on Twin Hearts, which I found to be a very powerful and loving group meditation that really deepened my connection to loving kindness for both myself and others, and increased mindfulness.  After some time I sat the beginners course in Pranic Healing (Level 1), which was incredible.  Pranic Healing is a very powerful and effective modality of energy healing.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in working with energy, whether you are experienced or not!  

Bruce is a very gentle, empathetic soul with tremendous healing abilities. I received very helpful treatments on a number of occasions, including one which alleviated my severe anxiety almost immediately. The relief was immense and allowed me to continue my personal journey with renewed strength and confidence.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce and Pranic Healing Cairns to anyone.

Kara, January 2019


Anxiety Shifted

Energy Shift

I recently had a pranic healing with Bruce and found it to be so cleansing. I had an issue with my throat and during the session I felt something being pulled out through my aura at my throat. On looking I noticed Bruce wasn’t working there but as I had made a sound when this happened Bruce asked if I was alright. When Bruce was working at my head area I felt my whole backbone/skeleton stretch. It was wonderful! After the session I felt like a new woman. My aura felt squeaky clean. Very beautiful healing session Bruce.

Alvia, February 2018

Crushed Foot

Knee Pain

I suffered with a painful knee on and off (mainly on) for some time. It impacted on my sleep (or lack of), walking and everyday life.

After a Pranic healing session with Bruce I was surprised and delighted that my knee was no longer painful. I am sleeping so much better and jump (almost) out of bed and am able to walk without difficulty.

I would highly recommend Bruces’s healing ability.

Pam, October 2018


I have had two sessions with Bruce Sexton of Pranic Healing Cairns for bursitis in my hips. The first time my left hip was extremely painful and Bruce carried out a healing specifically for bursitis. I had immediate relief with most of the pain being relieved. I found that by the next day most of the remaining pain was gone. My second treatment was done with me being in a different location to Bruce. This time I had a small amount of pain due to bursitis in my right hip. Even though we were in different locations I still felt the beneficial affects of the treatment. I highly recommend that anyone with a health or other issues give this modality and Bruce of Pranic Healing Cairns a go.

Kaylah, January 2018

Broken Bones and Torn Ligaments

Ligament Damage and Stress Relief

I attended Bruce’s Pranic Healing Clinic in November and December 2018 for ligament damage in my wrist and also a lower back problem.  Pranic Healing greatly reduced the pain and stiffness I was suffering in my wrist and back which was a welcome relief.  An added bonus of Pranic Healing was how beneficial it is as a means of reducing stress.  I work in an extremely stressful job and receiving Pranic Healing has strengthened my coping skills so that I am able to perform my duties more efficiently and calmly.  I would highly recommend Bruce for Pranic Healing.  I found Bruce to be an excellent Pranic Healer, he is very professional, approachable and was fully committed to giving me the best possible treatment for my particular health problems.  Pranic Healing has improved my quality of life in many ways and is truly amazing.

Dee, January 2019

Acute Sinusitis

Autoimmune Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

I have been receiving Pranic healings from Bruce for sometime now for Parkinson’s Disease.  Bruce is an utmost professional in the way he carries out these treatments, and therefore you feel comfortable and confident in what he is doing.  I have had significant results over this period, and have felt immediate improvement with every treatment.  I have symptoms of my condition that have improved remarkably, and some that have gone completely.  I wholeheartedly recommend Bruce as a Pranic Healer to anyone with minor conditions; or major conditions like Parkinson’s Disease.

Kaylah, January 2019

Immune System Boost

I called Bruce after having had a virus for about 3 weeks.  Lacking energy, slight cough, and quite fed up with it. Bruce kindly did a specific protocol to boost my immune system and release the emotions surrounding the whole ‘illness’. Very grateful and the final push needed to be back to healthy again.

Anne, January 2019


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